Child Care

Sometimes a child or young person needs to be cared for at home when they or a parent or relative is ill or in hospital. Alternatively, they may need care to help them recover from an accident or illness.

Being in a familiar environment surrounded by their favorite toys and activities is important to keep the child comfortable and contented in recovery to good health.

We are able to:

  • Assist the family in establishing daily routines
  • Keep family and friends regularly informed about the child’s progress
  • Provide tailored day-to-day care
  • Support feeding regimes
  • Support with the child’s school regime, including after school and holiday care
  • Support with socialising through sport, cultural and other leisure activities
  • Encourage the child to be as independent as possible
  • Work with their school and other bodies to meet their objectives
  • Support the child through the transition into adulthood