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A Brief About CareWell Support Services

Through our supported living services we help vulnerable adults to live as independently as possible; behind their own front door.  We can work in their existing housing or partner with a specialist housing provider to find suitable accommodation.

Society often has low expectations of people with learning disabilities or challenging needs.  So, at Carewell Support Services, we challenge this.  Rather than carry out tasks for them, we work with the people we support to help them learn new skills.  And we recognise that their psychological needs are just as important as their physical ones.  We believe that it’s vital to see beyond the diagnosis.  Specifically, to get to know the people we support and what makes them special.  We help them to find their passions and try to put them in the driving seat of their own life by providing person centred care.

We have a sizeable team of wonderful people.  And a robust structure in place to ensure our staff on the ground can deliver quality care to the people we support.  We also have an in-house Clinical Team.  Having this expertise at our finger tips means that we can respond quickly to any changes in the circumstances or needs of the people we support.  Which means we can alter care plans accordingly – and quickly – without having to wait on input from external agencies such as the NHS.

We are registered with, and regulated by, the Care and Quality Commission (CQC).


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